We’re big fans of Stockholm-based latin psych rockers Sudakistan here Backseat Mafia, and so we’re eagerly anticipating the bands forthcoming debut album Caballo Negro, which drops on November 20th via PNKSLM Recordings. From the album the band are streaming a new song, Concrete Djungle.

In keeping with their latin roots (all the members have a connection to South America) there’s a myriad of latin percussion that underpins Concrete Djungle, but its liberally covered in this guitar sound that flips between straight up edgy chords, and psyched up feedback driven winding effects and thrilling surges and troughs. Throw in this hypnotic bassline and a chorus that involves yelping along, and you have something that is absolutely essential.

Caballo Negro is out via Swedish label PNKSLM on November 20th.