News: leo. Shares New Album ‘A New One’, An Intimate Yet Joyful Journey Through Growth & Emotion

Portuguese singer-songwriter leo. unveils his second album, ‘A New One’, giving listeners an intimate look into a year of personal growth and emotional evolution. The project features a captivating lineup of tracks, including pensive ballads like ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Piece of Mind’, as well as the melancholic yet rhythmic tunes of ‘Pretend’ and ‘Green’, and the expansive acoustic anthem ‘So Much’. From start to finish, ‘A New One’ weaves an evocative atmosphere and relatable themes that resonate with the universal struggles of personal development.

Instrumentally, leo. demonstrates his talent through gorgeous layering, incorporating flowing strings, gentle and warm acoustic and electric piano, and the upbeat charm of the ukulele—all wrapped up in bittersweet beauty. However, the true star of the album remains leo.’s vocal performance, characterized by angelic leads and expansive harmonies that evoke a choir-like sensation, enveloping listeners in a sense of presence, charm, and blissful naivety. ‘A New One’ is poised to become a pivotal moment in leo.’s career, radiating both brilliance and authenticity in every track.

In his own words, leo. shares his thoughts on the new album: “‘A New One’ feels more like a piece of my soul than anything I’ve done. I wrote these songs over the course of a year, detailing the process of learning to love again as I experienced it—a journey filled with ups and downs. Moreover, I can trace my personal growth over the past year in these songs. After composing all ten tracks, including some material I had written much earlier, I collaborated with Ed Allen around this time last September. After months of recording, re-recording, arranging, experimenting with new ideas, revisiting old ones, shedding tears, and moments of sheer frustration, we finally completed my most ambitious project to date—and I’m genuinely proud of it. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of storytelling through my music, and with these tracks, videos, artwork, and the wonderful interactions with my audience, I can convey a story that holds great significance to me and, hopefully, resonates with many others.”

leo., a young and multi-million-streaming performer and singer-songwriter from Portugal currently based in the UK, draws inspiration from both acoustic singer-songwriter and indie music to craft a raw interpretation of life, creating a safe space where listeners can feel understood. His journey began with rigorous classical training, which eventually led to recording his first single in 2018—all from the comfort of his bedroom in Portugal.

In 2019, his seismic single ‘Despair’ garnered over 30 million streams, laying the foundation for his distinctive sound, characterized by nostalgic harmonies and lush instrumentation. Influenced by artists like Dodie, Cavetown, and Ricky Montgomery, leo. has cultivated a devoted community of music enthusiasts around his work. Following the releases of “Drink My Soul” in 2021 and “Letters From Dreamland” in 2022, leo. joined forces with indie label ADSRecords to bring his sound to stages worldwide.

With ‘A New One’, leo. presents his most ambitious and emotionally resonant project to date, showcasing the pinnacle of his bittersweet and empathetic sound. The album is now available for listeners to immerse themselves in the soulful journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Listen below:

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