Countdown to Rebellion – Day 19: Introducing Dummy Toys

This year sees a good number of bands representing the burgeoning Asia-Pacific punk scene, with representatives from South Korea (Rum Kicks/18 Fevers) Indonesia (Turtles Jr) and now China, with both HellCity (Beijing) and Quing Dao punks Dummy Toys, making an appearance.

Dummy Toys are Xiaokui (vox), Xiaoniao (guitar), Huanzi (Bass) and Qing (Drums). Having only just made their European debut, the girls are currently hot footing around Germany and the Czech Republic, on their War Is Nightmare Tour, before heading to the UK, where they have several shows in Blackpool, the last of which is their Rebellion debut. They look amazing, a riot of colour, studs and leather and their music is high energy street punk, with it’s Exploited/Discharge/GBH influences.

Like in many parts of the world, just being a punk can be a risky business, and China is no different. It appears that attitudes are softening and you can learn more about the band in the documentary below.

Whilst there may not be so many of the “big” names playing this year, this is more than made up for by the inclusion of all these fascinating, up and coming bands, bringing their own cultural take on our much loved and often maligned, punk rock. As more of the old guard leave us each year, it’s comforting to know that bands like Dummy Toys, Rumkicks, HellCity and 18 Fevers are picking up the torch, to keep the eternal flame alive.

Catch Dummy Toys at 20:00-20:30 – Fri 4th Aug – Rebellion Introducing Stage (RIS) in the Arena.

You can also catch them at the pre-Rebellion show at The Tache Rockclub in Blackpool on Wed 2nd Aug.

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