Track: Tenderhost – Plod Along Phenomenon

Tenderhost have shared their new single ‘Plod Along Phenomenon’, which follows their debut EP ‘The Tin’, which they released last year. The track takes the listener on a journey far from the dingy bars of North London, to a place of mercurial exoticism; the luxury croon, a timeless atmosphere, the sound of illustrious yet wary partygoers – a slice of the debonair and a major hop away from anything coming out of the capital right now. 

On the new single, Tenderhost comment:

“We have a huge mutual admiration for Brazilian music and wanted to lean heavily into that. We were particularly influenced by the music coming out of that region in the 70s, where these beautifully sad stories were shared over rich musical backdrops. We’ve had this song in our wheelhouse for a while, and it finally felt like it made sense in this format.”

A smooth psychedelic and busy track that hits hard with its dynamics. There’s so much going on a couple of spins are required to really let the track sink in but it is so worth it. Cool latin beats meet crooner vocals jazz embellishments and a certain sophistication often missed in today’s music.

Check it out, here

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