Say Psych: Album Review: Has A Shadow – Sorrow Tomorrow

Has A Shadow - Sorrow Tomorrow

South America has become the latest melting pot to produce some fantastic neo-psychedelic rock sounds and Has A Shadow from Guadalajara, Mexico, are one of the least known of these bands. However, after a slot on this years Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, their exposure has increased exponentially, and with this comes the announcement of a new album.

Their first album Sky Is Hell Black was released in November 2013 on Captcha Records and so Sorrow Tomorrow is, some would say, long overdue. Set for release on 18th January 2017 on Fuzz Club Records, a label who have been lauded as “exquisite purveyors of all things noise”, Has A Shadow seem a natural addition to their roster offering dark, ritualistic post-punk with gothic leanings, unabashed reverberation and smatterings of psychedelia laced throughout.

‘Sorrow’ is chosen as the projectile point, with its sound bite opening giving way to hazy guitars, rolling lyrics and haunting synth accompaniment; so far, so good. ‘Lord of Flies’ is an instantly different entity with repetitive synth harmonies dominating from the off set, eerily similar to those invoked by Kraftwerk. An almost lazy style surrounds this one, with the drums beat plodding along steadily in the background whilst the duelling vocals play effortlessly; it invokes images of lying in a field on a summers day, watching the world float by.

‘The Flesh’ is the stand out track from the album; a dark, marching rhythm sets the pace before a deep bass line from Victor ‘Remi’ Garay, effected vocals, atonal synth and a purring guitar composition complete the line up. For those unfamiliar with Has A Shadow, this is the place to start as it contains everything fans have come to know and love. The interestingly named ‘Attack of the Junkie’ offers a reprieve from the darkness which has prevailed so far; pacey and with a bounce to the music this is a real toe tapper.

‘Cul De Sac’ proffers an electronic feel, diversifying the sound of the album somewhat before the second single to come from the album ‘Vampire Kiss’ is an intense number awash with reverberation, scuzzy guitars which are juxtaposed against the atonal vocals of Daniel Garciano. The cataclysm of sound produced lends heavily from The Sisters of Mercy unashamedly. ‘Horror Will Grow’ lets up on the tension and allows for a breath before ‘Not Even Human’ ranks the tempo right up once more. The rolling, relentless energy flows effortlessly from the music and the guitar effects courtesy of Rodolfo Samperio are aurally satisfying.

‘World Sensation’ is chosen to see the album out, with its krautrock rolling drum beat, heavily fuzz effected guitar before the synth melody comes into its own – upbeat and catchy whilst running alongside the chant “dead dead dead” – this is the perfect way to ensure the listener isn’t quite sated and wants to listen all over again by throwing in new elements right at the end.

Has A Shadow may only be a three piece, but they can really make some noise. For those unfamiliar with the band, this release is certain to make people look up and pay attention. Sorrow Tomorrow is the first release for Fuzz Club for 2017 and although some may find this venture a little too daring, the quality of the offering shows that their confidence has been well placed.

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