News: King No-One Returns with Electrifying Single ‘I Feel Strange’

The electrifying sound of King No-One returns with a high-energy, emotionally charged single that showcases the band’s signature eclecticism. Titled ‘I Feel Strange’, this latest offering delves into the universally relatable sensation of being overwhelmed by the peculiarities of the world. Lead singer Zach Lount’s intense delivery captures the erratic thoughts that swirl around this theme, while the instrumental backdrop propels the song into a sonic rollercoaster.

The essence of ‘I Feel Strange’ lies in its exploration of the oddities that define our existence. From the labyrinthine structures of modern living to reconciling one’s emotions with the state of the world, the song encapsulates these complex sentiments. Zach Lount’s vocal performance channels the confusion and contemplation associated with such introspection, crafting a resonant connection between lyrics and emotion.

The musical canvas painted by the band is equally evocative. With forceful, punchy drums driving the rhythm, gritty and aggressive guitars amplify the song’s raw energy. A pulsating bass line lays the foundation, ensuring that the chorus becomes an irresistible invitation to jump out of one’s seat.

Commenting on the single, Zach shares, “I Feel Strange was written whilst I was at a real crossroad, when I took an abstract view on life – Like why we pay £x a month to live in a concrete cage in a city centre full of others in tiny spaces, or being mugged on your doorstep, or all of a sudden massive corporations have LGBTQ+ branding for a week a year, or oil allowing neoliberalism to construct our society whilst being the death of the natural world… or the fact Neville from Harry Potter became insanely handsome. Then I just had to think, well – this is the world, this is humanity and I’m here now. I’ll stick around.”

King No-One’s musical journey is rooted in philosophical exploration, seeking answers to life’s enigmatic questions. Hailing from Leeds, the band’s foundation was a childhood friendship between singer Zach Lount and guitarist Joe Martin, which grew into a musical partnership. Drummer James Basile and bassist Rob Gration joined them, completing the quartet.

The band’s notable discography includes their impactful EPs, ‘Out Of My Mind’ (2019) and ‘The Dead Hotel’ (2023). Fusing pop-rock riffs with stadium-filling hooks, King No-One’s music comes to life on stage, solidifying their reputation as captivating performers. Their dynamic songwriting and engaging shows have garnered a fervent fanbase, with successful tours across England and Europe.

As ‘I Feel Strange’ takes center stage, it continues to provide insight into Zach’s consciousness. A hard-hitting rock anthem, the song tackles the complexities of existence, confronting life, death, fragility, and the state of our world. With a roaring bass riff and driving drumbeat, ‘I Feel Strange’ promises to be the anthem of mosh pits nationwide, inviting listeners to question and embrace the strangeness of it all.

Listen below:

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