Track: Baywaves – The Freak Kingdom

baywavesWe wrote about the former Spanish two piece (now expanded to a quartet) with their debut track Dreaming. They’ve returned onto our radar with a new single, The Freak Kingdom. There’s very little to add about the band (either they like skulking in the ‘mysterious’ sections, or they just haven’t put that much information up about themselves) other than you can catch them in Madrid on December 12th supporting Vibravoid.

What isn’t in doubt is the quality of the band. The Freak Kingdom shimmers, from its Marr like guitar sounds at the beginning, into its rippling psych influenced indie rock, swathed in these echoey vocals. It trips along (in both senses of the word) almost a Manzerek shy Doors in places, or maybe a Tame Impala, until the organ finally appears, more shimmering and saccharine than Morrison would have liked, to add a little sweetness to the party. More than that though, it shows that Baywaves are capable of writing tunes of impeccable quality.

Single of the week. In fact the month. At least.

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