News: Author & Punisher Announces Reissues of Iconic Albums and EU/UK tour dates

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Author & Punisher, the renowned industrial doom artist known for his innovative blend of machine-driven soundscapes and visceral performances, has exciting news for fans old and new. Tristan Shone, the mastermind behind Author & Punisher, has announced the reissue of three groundbreaking albums, “Drone Machines”, “Ursus Americanus” and “Women & Children,” via Relapse Records.

Originally released in 2012, “Ursus Americanus” marked a pivotal moment in Shone’s career, showcasing his unique approach to music production through custom-built mechanical instruments. This album, characterized by its raw intensity and industrial aesthetics, solidified Author & Punisher’s reputation as a pioneer in the realm of experimental metal.

“Women & Children,” released in 2013, continued to push boundaries with its blend of doom metal, industrial, and electronic elements. The album received critical acclaim for its uncompromising sound and Shone’s ability to evoke a sense of apocalyptic atmosphere through his compositions.

Prior to both came 2010’s breakthrough “Drone Machines”, about which Stone explains “Half of Drone Machines was essentially a guitar and drum machine industrial album and I played those songs live from 2005-2008 or so. I was slowly realizing that being stuck within the drum machine and midi click framework was limiting creativity and I could be more organically brutal  if I played everything live…so I built everything from the machines, the speakers, the pedals, the tables, my microphone and even completely gutted my 2004 Sprinter so that everything would fit in there including a bed (and a surfboard or two)”.

The reissues will feature remastered audio and will be available on vinyl, CD, and digital formats, catering to both longtime enthusiasts and new listeners curious about Shone’s sonic explorations. Additionally, limited edition merchandise will accompany the releases, including exclusive artwork and collectible items.

Order Via Relapse at

Listen to all three albums on streaming services here: 

Author & Punisher have also announced UK/EU tour dates to coincide in August 2024 with select co-headlining dates with KEN Mode. Full list of the dates are available below


03.08.24 – Newcastle (UK) – Cluny 2
04.08.24 – Glasgow (UK) – Core. Fest
05.08.24 – Belfast (UK) – Voodoo
06.08.24 – Dublin (IR) – Grand Social
07.08.24 – Limerick (IR) – Dolan’s Kasbah
09.08.24 – Sinzendorf (DE) – Void Fest
10.08.24 – Nijmegen (NL) – Doornroosje*
12.08.24 – Brighton (UK) – Chalk*
13.08.24 – London (UK) – New Cross Inn*
14.08.24 – Manchester (UK) – The Bread Shed*
15.08.24 – Bristol (UK) – ArcTanGent
16.08.24 – Francavilla al Mare (IT) – Frantic Fest
18.08.24 – Gyöngyös (HU) – Feketej Zaj 

*Co-Headliner with KEN mode

Tickets to all AUTHOR & PUNISHER tour dates are available at

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