Track: The Barefoot Bandit Shine On Infectious New Single ‘Turbulence’

Ska, reggae and dub 8 piece The Barefoot Bandit shine on the vibrant and infectious their new single ‘Turbulence,’ showcasing a rich soundscape capturing the rich, multifaceted sonic backdrop and off beat rhythms which has seen them gain widespread acclaim previously.

Released following their well received debut album ‘Hello Welcome’, ‘Turbulence’ opens with an instantly impactful brass line, dub delayed drums, choppy guitar and washes of ambient electronics before settling into a groove as the instrumentation pulls together for the opening chorus, driven forward by the vibing rhythms and a deep, warming, walking bass line.

Surrounded by subtle, dappled static synth sounds, the tracks charismatic lead vocals shine bright.. Surrounded by tight harmonies and dancing among the instrumentation, the track is a given a captivating central hook which pulls the vibing beat driven backing forward. As the track continues to grow throughout, it reaches an anticipation middle 8, before bursting into a vibrant last chorus and atmospheric, euphoric final instrumental to close out the track.

Once again displaying the feel good vibes that its easy to imagine pulling crowds at festival stages, ‘Turbulence’ is another fine example of the bands ability as songwriters and instrumentalists, creating a sound with a strong sonic identity and radiant likability.

Speaking about the track, the band labelled it as a “lyrical tale of a person’s struggles in day-to-day
life and sense to achieve.”

Listen below:

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