Track: Bronson – Heart Attack (feat. lau.ra) / Vaults

Bronson is the new collaborative project of Grammy nominated duo Odesza and Syndney producer Golden Features. Ahead of their self-titled debut, out on Foreign Family Colletive / Ninja Tune on July 17th, they’ve released a couple of singles from the record – Heart attack (feat. Laur.ra) and Vaults.

On the two records the trio says: “It was the first vocal track we worked on for the record. It was one of those ideas that came together really quickly and felt very natural while writing with lau.ra. Ultimately, it was a confluence between the two distinctive sounds of ODESZA and Golden Features. It served as a turning point in the writing process of the album and an inspiration for the other vocal tracks to come.”

While on ‘VAULTS’ they explain: “It was one of the earlier instrumentals we completed, and it acted as a cornerstone to the overall sound design and aesthetic of the album. The track really proved a departure from each artist’s own respective styles and set a definitive change in direction for the BRONSON project. We knew we had something special here and it served as a guiding light for the rest of the record.”

Heart Attack has this electronic sheen draped over it, with the pumping bassline and these misty, almost eerie chords. Over the top are these soft, understated vocals, exclaiming in the chorus ‘This love’s a heart attack”. Vaults is altogether a darker affair, scattered beats and pads underneath sliced and spliced vocals, all pressed through this electronic hue. What they both have in common though is melodies that stick and production that makes they both glitter.

Check both tracks out, here

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