Track: Singer-Songwriter Fo Daniels Shares Poignant New Single ‘Promises’

Sometimes less is more and keeping things simple and stripped is much more effective than overloading a track with instrumentation, this is certainly true of the new single ‘Promises’ from Fo Daniels.

Performed live with just an acoustic guitar and Daniel’s affecting vocals, there’s a captivating fragility and honesty to the performance which carries the track and keeps it interesting despite the stripped production. Fo’s Jeff Buckley-esque vocals dance around the guitar beautifully as his reflective lyricism takes centre stage.

The track’s simple yet catchy chorus feels instantly reminiscent of The Strokes despite the single acoustic guitar/ vocal – it’s somehow easy to imagine layers of riffs, bass and drums outlining this same tune and it working brilliantly. Given Daniel’s back catalogue of full band rockier material, you can hear that this song was indeed written for a full band but this doesn’t mean that this version suffers in any way, in fact, the stopped nature of the performance holds an emotion and a charm which would likely be lost if it were performed as a full rock tune.

Listen below:

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