Track: Birmingham’s The Novus serves out a vituperative challenge to orthodoxy with the brilliant ‘I Serve Not’ and announce new EP ‘Thaleia Standing’

‘I Serve Not’ is The Novus waving two fingers at the establishment in a visceral, thundering explosion of a track that draws in the anger and violence of Nine Inch Nails with a punk rock sneer and lyrical acidity. It is an utterly cathartic attack on today’s selfish society – on those in power that do not have a shred of human decency who seem to be in the ascendancy. Written at the time of UK’s 2019 election, vocalist Connor Hill expands:

It also represents the resentment of those who exploit people for self gain. The lyric ‘it’s simple common sense’ came about from Jacob Rees-Mogg’s interview with LBC surrounding the Grenfell victims. It became so poignant in this track because it truly defines the ultimate meaning of this song.

Anger is indeed an energy, and it burns in this track with a white hot heat. There is an industrial metallic crunch that is inherently very satisfying. It also serves notice that this is a very exciting band.

The Novus have announced they will will be releasing their EP entitled ‘Thaleia Standing’ on 18 June 2021. You can get the single and preorder the EP below:

Feature Photograph: Phil Drury

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