News: Fremantle’s Spacey Jane announce new album ‘Here Comes Everybody’, sweetened even more by the release of the gentle melancholy bop of new single ‘Sitting Up’, and announce UK/European tour.

Feature Photograph: Michael Tartaglia

After the last few years of ever increasing accolades, Spacey Jane continue to impress with the release of the gentle melancholy pop of new single ‘Sitting Up’, accompanying news of their new album ‘Here Comes Everybody’ set for release on 10 June 2022 via AWAL Recordings.

‘Sitting Up’ encapsulates that Spacey Jane sound: crisp, crystalline guitars, indelible pop melodies and a dash of melancholia that seeps through every pore of the track. Singer Caleb Harper’s vocals are vulnerable and yearning as he sings about events close to his heart:

 I wrote this about the way I was feeling and behaving when I was in my final semester of uni before dropping out. I left quite unceremoniously by not showing up to any of my final exams or handing in final assessments. I had no idea who I was, I was seriously depressed and completely spinning out. I felt like I’d created this terrible façade of myself for all of these people that I knew and that really I hadn’t been myself around someone or been truthful about my feelings in years. I didn’t care about my life or what I was doing to my body, I thought I was going to end up dead if I didn’t fix something. I felt like I was the only one going through those feelings and even though that wasn’t true, it made me feel so alone.

The result is something very personal and achingly beautiful:

‘Sitting Up’ can be downloaded and streamed here.

‘Here comes Everybody’ was apparently taken from the working title for Wilco’s seminal album ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ – a huge influence on the band. Harper says of the album’s themes:

Our first record (Sunlight) discussed personal experiences of mine and it was a blessing to see how many people related to those stories. I want this record to be for youth persevering and thriving emotionally under the weight of our generational burden made up of climate change, COVID etc. Feeling like you have the responsibility of your entire future on your shoulders without any say in what happens creates anxiety and uncertainty. I think COVID took away the sense of unity that gives young people assurances in such times. I know music isn’t a replacement for taking control and galvanizing positive change, but I hope this record can soundtrack some of those moments in peoples lives.

You can pre-order the album here and read our previous review of the single ‘Lots of Nothing’ here.

Spacey Jane will be embarking on a UK tour in April – details below.

Feature Photograph: Michael Tartaglia

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