Film Review: Betrayed

Charles Braude in an internment camp

While every country which was occupied by the Nazis during World War II collaborated and accepted German authority to differing extents, not many (if any) came out of looking particularly good. Much of this has been lost, or more likely buried, in history. Norway is no exception. The Wehrmacht arrived in April 1940 and left over five years later after. Although the deal they struck safeguarded Norwegians, that didn’t include Jews. Betrayed charts these events.

Despite the horror stories about what has been happening to Jewish families in other parts of Europe, the Braudes think they’ll be safe in Norway. Charles (Jakob Oftebro) is a young boxing champion who lives with his parents and adult siblings in Oslo. He has a bright future but all that changes when the Nazis arrive. He’s arrested, along with his father (Michalis Koutsogiannakis) and brothers, and transported to an internment camp.

Based on true events, Betrayed is a poignant and moving tale of one Jewish family trying to survive in the face of pure evil. It’s a beautifully crafted period drama, made in a sensitive way which reflects the tragic subject matter What makes Eirik Svensson’s film so moving is its willingness to focus on the human stories. Aided and abetted by an impressive cast and a script which steers clear of unnecessary melodrama or manufactured situations. Betrayed brings the horrors of the Holocaust to life through the experiences of one household.   

Betrayed is released on Digital Platforms & DVD by Signature Entertainment on 10th May

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