Track: A Swift Farewell return with another thumping emotive track ‘Like This (I Don’t Wanna Die)’

Following a rejuvenation and a welcome return with ‘Sorry’ earlier this year, Eora/Sydney band A Swift Farewell return to say hello with new track ‘Like This (I Don’t Wanna Die)’.

With their thumping quiet/loud sound and yearning vocals, the band prove they are in form and as always, the band’s collective hearts are on their sleeves. Ryo Andi, singer, says of the track:

‘Like this (I Don’t Wanna Die)’ is a song about being deeply unhappy and unsatisfied with where you are in life and letting it ruin your mental health. We wrote it last year when the band wasn’t really doing anything or playing shows. Because of that I felt like my life was just wake up – work at my boring job – sleep – repeat…. And it made me feel so depressed that I started withdrawing from things and people… I guess this song was a way to say “hey sorry I’m not replying to texts but I feel so stuck in a hole right now and I just hope I won’t feel like this forever.

The band’s trademark sound is to the fore: jangling guitars contrasted with a fuzzy backdrop, sweet vocals mixed with aching, exploding choruses and sudden swerves in the middle of the road that veer off in another direction. Never formulaic, always emotive.

The accompanying music video was filmed at Metronome Studio in Sydenham, following the music production the video was also self produced. The clip focuses on being stuck in a dead-end job and yearning to live life to the fullest as the band fling themselves into the performance.

We love focusing on angles and aesthetic and trying to re-create these old school/90s emo vibes with the blue wash effect and the fish eye looks was a fun challenge.

It’s as vibrant and dynamic as the song.

‘Like This (I Don’t Wanna Die)’ is out today and available to download and stream here.

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