Track: Geographer – Slave to the Rhythm

Geographer, aka Mike Deni, has announced that his forthcoming album, ‘Down and out in the Garden of Earthly Delights’ is out on December 4th. He’s getting in early though with the release of a new single ‘Slave to the Rhythm’.

On the track Deni describes, “I think this song is about being an artist, a creator of consumable emotions, a performer.  ‘You light the fire, they just watch it burn.’ You have the special thing, but they decide whether to receive it or not.  You’re like a bible salesman, surprised that anyone could turn away the gospel?? How could someone not want to listen to this beautiful thing I made? 

But then I compare being an artist to being in love. You have a beautiful thing inside you (love) but it can only be shared with someone if they accept it. And they have to accept it over and over again, in every moment. Just like you can’t live off one good album—you have to get better and better with every one—you have to keep that love alive or they cast you out.”

The bubbling beats that sprawl underneath seem at odds with these shimmering chords poured over the top at first, but soon they’re joined by cascading synths and wiry guitar figures as Deni lays down the sort of melodies that stick in the mind.

Check out the track, here

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