See: A devil’s din release new video for Skylight

Montreal psychedelic stoner rock trio A Devil’s Din are preparing for the release of their third album Skylight on June 17th and ahead of that the band have released a new video for the albums first single and title track.

Described by Vocalist / guitarist David Lines as being “The heavy, fuzzed-out guitar riff leaps right out of the starting gate and sets the vibe for the rest of the song, which is the general theme of the album, an ode to the psychedelic experience we like to present. I wanted to write a song that illustrated some of the things I’ve seen or experienced under the influence of acid.” It’s full of classic sounding riffs, sweetened with washes of backing vocals and these heavy splashes of bass and drums. Despite its trippy vibe, winding guitar solo and druggy vocals there’s something of the classic pop about Skylight – blessed as it is with a melody that’ll have you hitting the repeat.

Check out the spacey, almost trippy video. Whether its enhanced with the addition of acid, I wouldn’t like to guess…..

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