See: The Self Esteem-collaborating Soft Lad steps out on her own with the leftfield pop glow of ‘Singapore’

SOPHIE GALPIN? Another of those musicians doing god’s work in bringing the tunes to us, hiding her light under a bushel in support of others, crafting the songs of others for us to lurve.

It’s something she’s done half her actual life so far: 14 years with acts such as The Breeders, James Vincent McMorrow and Jessie Ware; not, you’ll agree, gigs you just kinda walk into. She’s also, of late, being collaborating with no less than Soak and the none-more-buzzing Self Esteem – who she’s currently on tour with.

The time has come for her to spread those wings, which she does as Soft Lad with all that inherent ease of a bird in flight with the leftfield pop soar of “Singapore”: have a listen for y’self.

The Soft Lad project is, she says, hairbrush-in-the-mirror pop music; the singer she always dreamed of hearing on the radio. And “Singapore”, bright and upbeat, concerns the moment when you’re ready to leave a relationship behind – with relief.

Sophie says: “This song describes a break up and that bit initially after where you look back for one last time then take that first step forward as a person on your own in the world.

“You feel like shit, and your friends tell you that you’re going to be fine and although intellectually you can rationalise it, you can’t truly feel it for a while until you get the perspective.

“And intertwined with that feeling of loss, you also have this feeling of relief of at least knowing where you stand and breathing it all out. You suddenly have time and re-realise you can do whatever you want at any given time.”

Connect with Soft Lad elsewhere online at InstagramTwitter and Spotify.

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