News: UK Alt-Rock Trio Signature Gold Unleash New Single ‘Antibodies’

Brighton-based alternative rock/grunge trio, Signature Gold, has unveiled their latest track, ‘Antibodies’. Comprised of Milo Hill (guitar and vocals), Nathan Haynes (bass), and Jordan Hambling (drums), the band has garnered attention for their dynamic sound and energetic live performances since their inception in 2021.

Signature Gold’s music is characterized by towering walls of guitar, bass, and drums, complemented by anthemic, hook-driven vocals. The band’s rise to prominence includes features on BBC Introducing, consecutive appearances at the Great Escape festival in 2022 and 2023, and opening for alt-rock heavyweights Yonaka.

Building a strong fan base in their hometown of Brighton, Signature Gold has expanded their reach with sold-out shows across the UK. The new single ‘Antibodies’, represents a departure from their previous work. Produced by the band and engineered by Sam Coveny at Salvation Studios and Sam Clines at South Lanes Studios, the song delves into the complexities of love and relationships in the modern age.

Frontman Milo Hill’s introspective lyrics explore the challenges of maintaining genuine connections amidst societal pressures. Drawing from personal experiences and observations of friends’ relationships, Hill likens the struggles of love to the immune system’s response to infection, offering a candid examination of human emotion.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Antibodies”, the band explains, “After being witness to several friend’s relationships falling apart in such quick succession, I began to question my own perception of what it means to truly love somebody for the first time.”

The track, recorded at Salvation Studios, encapsulates the band’s growth and willingness to tackle deeper themes while maintaining their signature sound. ‘Antibodies’ serves as a poignant reflection on love, challenging listeners to confront the realities of romantic relationships in a world filled with distractions and expectations.

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