News: Goldenbloom release the exhilarating new single ‘HEating’

Renowned rockers Goldenbloom release the exhilarating new single ‘HEating’. Tight, intense and energetic, the single showcases the bands ability to capture the high-octane nature of their live shows whilst delivering a catchy, and memorable listening experience on record.

Built around a wall of fuzzy guitar and bass tones over, punching, tight drums, the expressive, urgent lead vocals build a raw alt-rock-come-punk soundscape. Like Queens Of The Stone Age topped with Soft Play-esque vocals, the result is a track somewhere in the middle of the two. A venomous and unapologetic exploration of the struggles inherent in the cost of living crisis.

Speaking about the single, vocalist Jordan Walker shares, “The song is a reflection of the harsh reality faced by many households today. It’s about the daunting choices people are forced to make between heating their homes or putting food on the table, as utility prices continue to rise.”

Recorded at Brighton Electric over two intense days, ‘HEating’ stands as Goldenbloom’s triumphant return. Collaborating with Tigercub’s lead singer, Jamie Stephen Hall, and Grammy-nominated engineer Robin Schmidt for mastering, the track delivers a sonic punch that commands your attention.

Listen below:

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