Track/Video: Church Moms Unveil New Music Video Directed by Filmmakers Zachary and Sebastian Benn

Amidst the vibrant energy of the Adelaide Fringe, 10 local artists and bands collaborated with filmmakers, embarking on the challenge of crafting music videos within a brief 10-day timeframe. Among them is Church Moms, who have unveiled their distinctive interpretation of the task. Directed and filmed by the dynamic duo Zachary & Sebastian Benn, the video showcases their celebrated single ‘Leather‘ from the band’s debut EP, released in 2023.

For those unfamiliar with Church Moms, the electro queercore punk band has been stirring up excitement since their inaugural EP dropped in 2023. Their hit ‘Leather’ stands as a gripping anthem delving into themes of existential angst and self-discovery. With its compelling melody and poignant lyrics, ‘Leather’ beckons to be sung at the top of your lungs, embodying the enduring impact of past relationships. We’ve all been shaped by those we’ve left behind, and this song feels like a heartfelt homage to that shared experience.

I first encountered Church Moms at the gritty local music fixture, affectionately known as the “Cranker”, which stands in stark contrast to the meticulously curated inner-west Sydney pubs I usually frequent. These three bandmates exude an undeniable aura of badassery, confidently showcasing their artistry with tracks like ‘Big Dick Energy’ and ‘Fight Me’, yet revealing vulnerability through heartfelt indie-rock ballads such as ‘Cigarette’. Their discography serves as a testament to their unapologetic embrace of anti-capitalist ethos, feminist values and poignant reflections on love. Is there anything more you could ask for?

Enter the talented duo of filmmakers, Zachary & Sebastian Benn, who eagerly embraced the challenge of transforming Church Moms’ ‘Leather’ into a fierce art-glam spectacle. Their vision oscillates between a captivating live performance by Church Moms adorned in leather masks and surreal moving art installations crafted from vibrant colours, potted fairy bread, flowers, knives and too much tomato sauce. The result is a visual adventure that offers a fresh perspective on ‘Leather’, seamlessly capturing the delicate balance between beauty and destruction. It’s a must-watch piece that truly elevates the essence of the song.

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