The HOO HAs‘s new single, ‘Rantra’, is an angry, loud, swaggering beast with a sneer and a studied pose. It’s a brilliant. Think of the shouty side of The Fall mixed with the bluster of Blur and a whole swag bag of attitude mixed with a pint or three of lager and stomping Dr Martens Boots delicately laced with poetry:

It ends with all the shambolic collapse of a heavy night out. This is endearing and satisfying indie rock of the highest order.

Lead singer, Jamie says: “Rantra is a spewing out of emotion. An argument in real-time. The fight before the fuck. San Diego through drunk glasses. The arrogance of the artist. Swells of noise coming like waves of adrenaline. You know the usual stuff…”

It sets the pulse racing for sure. The single is out through the usual sources on 4 May 2018 and you can get it here.