See: Bong reveal new video for ‘The Golden Fields’

Taken from new release ‘Thought and Existence’ coming May 4th.

“The Golden Fields” is the epitome of BONG’s psychedelic drone craft, immersing the audience into a sensory mirage of intense hallucinatory shapes and spectrals, slowly unfurling and expanding into a phantasmagoria of melancholic mystery.  The track sonically manifests as an aura of luminosity and transcendence whilst simultaneously stirring a foreboding and solemn sentiment that we are sentient, mortal beings forever teetering on the edge of complete darkness.

Bong embrace the lengthy song and you have to be a serious drone fan to really get into this. Avoiding the obvious comparisons to Sunno))) (which is borderline impossible in this genre) there’s a fair bit of musical work at play here. The intermittent drums reminiscent of Nadja and the filthy guitar tone wandering into Acid King territory. The sublime soloing melody frames the whole thing perfectly.

Bong feel ever so omnipresent on ‘Thought and Existence’, continuing their revered ability to transform time through their sublime sonic textures. As all listeners of this rite will attest, the band’s stellar meditative and mystical drone, amplified by the essential and ritualistic hue of the drums, permits our imagination to be heightened. New realms of perception and existence open up, even if only for the duration of the rite; the power of this listening experience subverting the laws of time and space itself.
While Bong have created something very listenable with The Golden Fields I think this would be truly awe inspiring in a live setting.
29/06 – The Black Heart, London (UK)
08/09 – The Star & Garter, Manchester (UK)
& more to be announced…
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