Track: Lazaris Pit – You don’t tag me in memes anymore

Raleigh, North Carolina indie rockers Lazaris Pit have announced a new album Coniphers is out on May 22nd, and ahead of it the band have released the lead single from it, You Don’t Tag Me in Memes Anymore.

Essentially a modern break up song (couldn’t be anything else really, could it) it’s described by the bands Ely Yarbrough as “…a microcosm of the album as a whole, embodying our familiar Lazaris Pit sound. Is ‘Memes’ a pop song with a punk twist or is it a shoegaze song with some pep in its step? We aren’t quite sure what to call it, but we know it has been lighting up faces whenever mentioned and burning down dance floors when played live.”

It’s pretty much as the band explained, spiky indie rock, but they’ve got a handle on big tunes as it veers towards Green Day territory especially in the chorus. Nimble bass work and filthy guitar chords decorate the verses as it plays out with said shoegaze tinges, particularly in the guitar solo, which brings a touch of psychedelia to the proceedings.

Check it out, here

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