Track: Rasstokyo transcends the Atlantic effortlessly with ‘Good Feeling’ release

UK artist Rasstokyo started out in the industry as a producer before shifting into singing and rapping. His latest release, ‘Good Feeling’ exemplifies his targeted sound well, and is executed brilliantly.  

Formerly known as Tokyo the Producer, he’s spent a long time perfecting a sound he calls “water music” — music with mutable energy that flows, changes and adapts itself like the trickle of a stream.

This record, which is produced by Smokey, is the South Londoner’s attempt to bring joy, uplift and sense of prospect to the listener. He does this well through the songs sonic texture. Influence from Kid Kudi, Travis Scott and Kanye West is poignant and while this sound has been vastly commercialised over the past 5-years, Rasstokyo treads the line of authenticity well. This track feels to have its own identity, as a Lo-Fi UK banger.

Rasstokyo says: “Once I heard first few seconds of the beat, I knew it was meant to be something good for the world. He wrote the song within an hour and now it’s ready to influence us all in the best way possible. Let this track take you to a place of love and good feelings.”

Check out ‘Good Feeling’ here. 

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