Track: Oya Paya – ‘Pretty Slick’: bip-bippin’ with the lo-fi electro thang

Oya Paya

LIVERPUDLIAN lo-fi indie combo Oya Paya, who we last bumped into on our daily peramble gosh! all way back in December with the slacker-pop winter warmer of “Focus”, are back! with a complete brainworm of a groovy ditty, “Pretty Slick”, which manages to fuse a wholly bedroom indiepop aesthetic with some verry Eighties’ kinda melodies, to my way of thinking. Bis play Hall & Oates? You know what, quite possibly.

That single is digestible here; you can take it away and eat it in you time via all good digital streaming platforms of your acquaintance; and pretty, soon, we’re told, it will also be available as part of a multi-course meal kit on the forthcoming mini-album, Connect, out soon via Tri-Tone Music.

Nothing’s off limits – nothing – as the three-piece of South East Asian, Middle-Eastern and European roots plug in and ‘get blippy’ with the old-skool synth action.

Where December’s “Focus” was so more of a Sub Pop/Glitterhouse kinda thang, with little genetic traces of Beck and Pavement, this time around it’s all about the bippy, boopy electro fun.

Describing themselves as “a smelly group of twenty-somethings making spicy music”, that Oya Paya are getting grooves knitted together at all is wholly down to the miracle of modern tech, with the ‘rona freezing them in place, and some 7,000 miles between them – Maxime is within sight of the Liver birds, Saam’s in London, but Ashwin is laying down the beats all the way from Singapore.

The upcoming, six-track mini-album, Connect will be full, we’re told, of indie eclecticism: bar chords, fuzz, electropop and trippier West Coast bliss, all in 25 minutes.

For upcoming release and tour information from Oya Paya connect with the band at FacebookTwitterInstagram and Spotify.

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