Track: Toy Car Shine On Alt-Rock Builder ‘Better Than Before’

Back with a bang following their BBC Radio 1 debut with ‘Rat Race’, Liverpool’s Toy Car release the elegant and explosive builder ‘Better Than Before’.

Brilliantly constructed from start to finish, the tracks growth from the picked intertwining acoustic and electric guitar riff at the start to eventually exploding into it’s explosive end section. Led by the gravelly, emotive and urgent lead vocals of lead member and songwriter Shaun, the gradual build is brilliant orchestrated, with dips and troughs highlighted by the spotless production and excellent splashes of feedback and Johnny Greenwood-esque expressive guitar work.

Speaking about the track and the bands alt-rock tendencies, lead vocalist and main songwriter Shaun explains:

“I’m a huge fan of that style of music, when I began buying music I was always drawn to that sound. This was the first song I felt like I captured that energy in our own unique way.

I wrote this song during an isolated part of my life in my studio flat in Liverpool, it was a way of expressing that we are all human and we all make the same mistakes and can learn from them.”

A track which holds both brilliantly thought out instrumentation and a deceptively catchy vocal line, Better Than Before is a prime example of what Toy Car are capable of.

Listen below:

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