Track: Eskobar – Living in the Sky

If there is one certainty, Swedish retro-rockers Eskobar are a gift that keeps giving. ‘Living in the Sky is their fifth single release this year and while there will be few secrets left on their forthcoming album Chapter 2, the band’s prolific output has not seen any dissolution in the quality of their material.

‘Living in the Sky’ is stylistic, anthemic and has a little more of a electro-dub dance-floor vibe. Eskobar’s finely tuned ear for sing-along melodies and rock ‘n’roll attitude is as sublime and cathartic as ever:

This is a band that radiates the trappings of a Madchester swagger and cool but delivers their own thoroughly enjoyable alternative universe for our contemporary times. And what a joy it is.

You can get the single here.

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