Video Premiere: Colm Warren Shares Intimate Acoustic Version Of Latest Single ‘Dead Days’

Northern Irish singer-songwriter Colm Warren premieres the live acoustic version of his latest single ‘Dead Days’.

‘Dead Days’ centres around themes of economic inequality and warns of the dangers the ‘working man’ potentially faces in the future with the looming threat of job insecurity due to advances in technology. The original version tackles the issue head-on through a more rockier guitar-driven arrangement laced with punk-inspired outcries from Warren, leading to a track filled with angst and trepidation for the future.

In contrast, in the live acoustic version, Colm crafts a more introspective sound, gone are the distorted guitars and string ensemble, replaced with a gentle acoustic guitar, soft vocal harmonies and a warm saxophone that acts as the lead line. The result is a stripped-back offering that grants listeners the space to contemplate the lyrical content, creating an intimate dynamic while adding a different perspective to the track.

Speaking on the track further Warren states “Dead Days is essentially a comment on inequality and stacked odds for working people in a society where the economic gap between the richest and poorest is only widening. With AI also a very real threat to jobs, art and how we understand and access truth/information, the song is essentially meant as a cautionary tale, written from the point of view of a “working man” in need of help and hope.”

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