News: Mirror Tree shares new single / Self-tittled album due for 08.09.2023

Photo credit - Filip Nikolic

Today, Mirror Tree, shares new single + video “300 Miles” from the upcoming album, Mirror Tree.

Mirror Tree states, “This song inspired by kraut and psyche rock of the 60’s and paints a picture of a lonesome life on the road in a harsh landscape. Each sec, on features a different instrument with a dedicated and driving bass line serving as the glue between these different vignette-like sections.”

On the accompanying video, Mirror Tree says, “This video is completely comprised spur of the moment footage.  One day while we were working on the track 300 miles in Filips studio we were envisioning a music video of my plane flying around in the Mojave desert.  It happened to be a beautiful day to fly and my friend Dustin had just told me about a lakebed I hadn’t know of in the Eastern Mojave desert that was landable.  On a whim we decided to grab Filips camera and hop in my plane and go find it.   Another time we were hanging with our friend Steve and just decided to fill his VW bus with music gear and random objects and we all hopped in, Steve drove around highland park like a maniac and we shot a music video”.

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