Track: Bayonet – Heart Attack


Bayonet are back with yet another catchy indie pop single and this time “Heart Attack” channels a little bit of the 1975 and early 90s shoegazing indie. Bayonet are a teenage dream band, making music to fall in love with and to. I can imagine many a shy indie couple shuffling along to their upbeat melodies and earnest vocals.

Vince, Lewis, Danny and Sam hail from Sheffield and on tracks like “Weekend” (summery, jangly, energetic) and “Everything” (brooding, insistent, yearning) they prove to be a force to be reckoned with in a crowded indie pop market, by crafting and performing instantly memorably tracks with passion and polish. “Heart Attack” is a slower affair, but still infused with sunshine and emotional indecision

The video is a masterstroke as often up and coming bands can be thwarted in their attempts to compete with established artists when it comes to lavish production values and can end up with cheap, nasty looking live efforts. This is not the case with “Heart Attack” as the video is deliberately lo-fi, complete with video distortion effects, retro title graphics and shifts in focus and lighting which make the track look like a lost clip from “The ITV Chart Show”‘s heyday.

“Heart Attack” is out now. Buy it here.

Check out Bayonet live if you can, they’re rather charismatic (see review here!). . Look for details on their tour page for more details. Also visit their Facebook, Twitter and website.

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