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It’s been a quiet year for The Crookes. February saw the departure of their drummer Russell Bates but the boys were back and recording their 4th studio album before we’d seen too many April showers. It wasn’t until July when the band returned to live shows – a warm-up gig in sunny Scunthorpe before their big Tramlines show on Devonshire Green – and now it finally feels like the good ol’ days with a brand new music video.

‘Before The Night Falls’ is track 4 on The Crookes’ third album Soapbox, and it’s the latest video offering from the Sheffield band. The video was filmed entirely in the Abbeydale Picture House by Around The World in 80 Music Videos, a project by filmmakers Leo Longo and Diana Boccara.

The first person you see is Adam Crofts (‘Croftsy’, as he’s known), providing the perfect introduction to The Crookes’ new drummer. He’s soon followed by the rest of the band, George Waite, Daniel Hopewell and Tom Dakin, as they walk into the Abbeydale Picture House and prepare for a show.

You’re given a tour of the grand building as you watch the boys confirming setlists, practicing guitar and eating pizza, and it’s only when you watch the video for a second time when you realise it was all filmed in a single sequence. The magnificent venue proves easy to get lost in and it’s not made any easier when the boys keep popping up in random places; Croftsy can been found tapping his drumsticks in the dark corridors and the others are playing their guitars in time with the soundtrack.

The lyrics: “Let’s live out scenes from movie screens from our cheap seats onto the dance floor,” seem particularly poignant here, as if the words themselves were inspired by  the old seats in the Picture House and the revelry that may have occured there. The video has condensed a whole night of waiting into 3 short minutes, giving you a glimpse into what life is like for The Crookes when they’re on tour: “You spend your whole time waiting for that one hour on stage,” says Daniel Hopewell, rather succinctly.

It’s good to have you back, The Crookes.

Watch the video to ‘Before The Night Falls’ below:

Watch the Behind The Scenes HERE.

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