News: dMh Returns with ‘Songs From The North’: A Unique Tribute to Northern British Bands

David Morley Hale, known by his moniker dMh, has made a compelling return to the music scene with the release of his latest LP, Songs From The North. This new album is a heartfelt homage to iconic bands from the upper reaches of the British Isles, showcasing dMh’s distinctive take on eleven classic tracks.

With Songs From The North, dMh delves into the rich musical heritage of Northern England and beyond. The album features re-imagined covers of songs from legendary bands such as Joy Division, The Human League, and Oasis. Each track is meticulously crafted, offering fresh interpretations that maintain the essence of the originals while injecting dMh’s unique creative flair. His from-the-ground-up approach results in intricate and innovative renditions that honor the bands that have influenced him, all the while exploring new musical possibilities.

“The idea for this album came whilst tinkering with a version of ‘She’s Lost Control’ by the famously northern Joy Division,” dMh explains. “Having previously released a couple of singles which were covers of songs from other bands with connections to the northern reaches of the UK, I realized I was possibly subconsciously working my way to an album’s worth of covers by northern bands. Being a northerner myself, I decided it would be fun to actually complete the task.”

The album features striking cover art by Nick Park, the acclaimed creator of Wallace and Gromit, adding a visual appeal that complements the auditory experience. dMh’s musical journey is an eclectic one, marked by sporadic yet impactful releases. His previous works include an album of contemporary classical piano compositions and the poignant track ‘After We Are Gone’, featuring narration by Stephen Fry.

Reflecting on the album development process, dMh acknowledges an unintentional bias towards North West England in the selection of tracks, with only Bill Nelson and The Human League representing the other side of the Pennines, and Scotland solely represented by The Blue Nile. However, he hints at the possibility of a follow-up album, Songs From The North Vol. 2, which could include a more diverse range of northern bands and the long-awaited cover of ‘She’s Lost Control’.

dMh’s background as a voice actor and audiobook narrator has significantly influenced his musical endeavors. Growing up in Preston and later studying in Liverpool, he has always been surrounded by rich cultural and musical landscapes. Despite his infrequent forays into music, each of his projects captures the industry’s attention, highlighting his talent and passion.

Listen below:

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