Premiere: Milanese band swan.seas unveil enigmatic self-produced video for the glorious single ‘Drop To The Floor’ from their recent album ‘Songs In The Key Of Blue’.

Feature Photograph: Eleonora Falso

We are honoured to bring you an exclusive look at the new video for the song ‘Drop To The Floor’ from Italian shoegaze band swan.seas.

‘Drop to the Floor’ was released on 26 April 2024 as the second single to swan•seas’ debut album, entitled ‘Songs In The Key of Blue’, through Shore Dive Records and Waddafuzz! Records.

The track has a throbbing jungle beat with a wall of crystalline guitars that thunders and jangles with the distant yearning vocals soaring underneath the sonic waves. The song breaks into a majestic anthemic chorus, driving, insistent and urgent.

The video is a series of images that match the cinematic scope of the song, with an enigmatic observance and a pallete of many colours. The band says of the video which was produced and filmed by swan•seas and edited by Enrico Buttafuoco and Corrado Angelini.

This video is completely DIY, from the filming (images were shot by all four band members, in various locations) up to the final editing. As the song deals with certainties fading away, the frames are built around visual suggestions and juxtapositions of an everyday life that does not really add up, with several things that are either missing, broken or simply not quite right.

It’s a perfect visualization of the sweeping nature of the song:

You can download and stream swan.seas’ new album here and through the link below. Proof positive that the booming shoegaze scene in Italy continues to thrive.

Feature Photograph: Eleonora Falso

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