Album review: Pins – Wild Nights

The Breakdown

Pins use big money wisely on confident second Bella Union album.
Bella Union

Sometimes having big money thrown at you can take the edge of off a band but with Pins it has made them stronger.

Yes, the edges are smoother thanks to Dave Catching after they travelled to the Joshua Tree to work at his Rancho De La Luna, but that’s no bad thing. The vocals and guitars mixed at New York’s Atomic Studios have a clarity lacking on the Manchester’s all girl gang’s debut.

The anger is still there on lead single Too Little, Too Late complete with a funny video as the band swear away merrily under the music. It’s not hard to work out what Molly is all about with its chanted chorus ‘Wild nights/with Molly’.

Two years of constant touring with the likes of Warpaint and Sleater Kinney have shown them that gender is less an issue these day as the real question is whether you are any good. The absurdly catchy Young Girls is proof of their increased confidence as songwriters and not surprisingly was on constant rotation at Six Music.

The measure of a potentially great band is whether they progress from album to album which Pins have done spending the money wisely.

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