See: Neil Cowley Trio release video for “Weightless”

Ahead of a run of three UK dates, in Southampton, London and Oxford comes a new single from one of the UK’s finest jazz exponents the Neil Cowley Trio, for their track Weightless. It’s taken from their recent, acclaimed ‘Spacebound Apes’ album, a concept record telling the story of space traveller ‘Lincoln’. The single is backed with a mix (The World Universe Cosmos Vibration Path Mix) from producer and Killing Joke bassist, Youth.

The a-side is modern, atmospheric piano trio. SHort stabs of melody draw you in, as then continue to change and morph and expand until they become chordal patterns or simply simple lines. Underneath the bass slips and slides in and out, insistent and (almost) constant, while the drums lay down no so much the groove, as their interpretation of what they’d like you to think the groove is… that moment. Put together, its beguiling, beautiful and, well, weightless.

The video features illustrations from DC comics Sergio Sandoval, and is taken from the accompanying Spacehound Apes book. The trio are recreating the visuals live onstage for their tour, but in the meantime, tune in and drop out to their music and Sandoval’s images, here

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