Track: Magic Trick share two tracks from forthcoming album Other Man’s Blues

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming album Other Man’s Blues, out on August 26th via Empty Cellar, San Francisco’s Magic Trick have released a couple of tracks from the record, ‘Forest of Kates’ and ‘First Thought’. The record is a loose, largely improvised affair, written by the bands songwriter Tom Cohen, and features a multitude of guests – James Kim and James Barone (Beach House)on drums,  Alicia Van Heuvel (Aislers Set) and Paul Garcia on bass Joel Robinow (Once and Future Band / Danny James) on keys, while  Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang / The Muggers) provides a couple stunning guitar solos. There are omnipresent vocal harmonies from Alicia, Noelle Cahill and Anna Hillburg, the latter of whom also plays some trumpet. San Francisco standbys Dylan Edrich, Tom Heyman, and Marc Capelle all contribute. It was a loose, largely improvised affair.

Forest of Kates is a gentle slice of americana infused indie pop, with snatches of piano and trumpet and sweetened by the vocal harmonies as it wends its melancholy way. First thought is a jerkier affair, but no less attractive, like a stripped back Attractions, all the edges smoothed off,  while Cohen’s role as Elvis Costello matches with his wordplay, if not his delivery. To top it all, it ends with this extended psych-edged guitar solo that almost reaches wig out proportions.

Check the tracks out, here


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