Premiere: Fran Minney releases the heartbreaking new single, Normal

Leeds based singer-songwriter is releasing her dreamy new single ‘Normal’ tomorrow, and ahead of its released via Saint In The City Records, we’re delighted to be able to premiere it on Backseat Mafia today.

“I wrote Normal when I was blind-sided by the end of relationship”, says Minney, “I wanted to memorialise the night when we both knew it was over but decided to put it off until the morning. It wasn’t some grand romantic evening, just a very normal one where we could pretend that things weren’t about to completely change.” Unwittingly the song has come to reflect a more universal desire in these strange times as she goes on to explain: “It’s amazing how applicable this feels now with our current situation, I suppose the feeling that big changes creates can be pretty traumatic and our desire to go back how things were is a pretty universal feeling, even if the reality isn’t quite as simple.”

Shrouded in synths and electronic hue, Minney’s vocal along with the plucked guitar lines and saxophone interjections really accentuate the heartbreak contained within, the melodies soaked with emotion and melancholy, as her voice softly sweeps the broken pieces of a relationship away.

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