Album Review: Fluxion – Parallel Moves

The Breakdown

.........quality downtempo groovers and hazy, blissed out ambiance........


Fluxion continues to carve his own musical path, taking us all together to a personal journey in his inner world, moods and moments, showcasing the importance of being influenced by none other than real life moments, people, expectations, joy, dreams and disappointments. Expressing what comes from the inside, instead of the outside.
Creating a more intimate work, is at the main focus of the artist since his previous album Perspectives that came out on May 2020.

Artistic development happens from within, not from repeating formulas of the past, but embracing and mixing life events, alongside different styles of music culture, and creating personal stories, outside of trends, that’s what keeps the music interesting.

On ‚Parallel Moves‘ Fluxion flows through various emotional states, and through blending of styles and expanding the borders of them, he manages to create variety listening to the album, something essential on an LP. But even with the variety the music bears the Fluxion sound aesthetic making it it an enjoyable listening experience, that requires more listens.

Check out the albums (Vinyl) opener:

Verdict: Like laying down on the cool morning grass as the clouds pass by and the sun slowly rises. A wonderful trip through some quality downtempo groovers and hazy, blissed out ambiance. Subtle beats and gentle melodies are the foundations of this electronic world of delights, with a cool blend of live instruments throughout to keep the flow of the album vibrant and fresh. One of those pieces of work that effortlessly takes you away, carrying you off on a wave tranquility. Track it down…..

and……..if like me this is your first introduction to Fluxion (Konstantinos Soublis (aka K. Soublis)) start here, then go down the rabbit hole of his previous works……you won’t be disappointed.

Parallel Moves

Track List:

  1. Never In The Same Place (CD/Digital)
  2. Sol
  3. Parallel Moves
  4. Orange Sky
  5. You Are
  6. Correlation
  7. Spreads
  8. In Limbo
  9. The Pieces
  10. Passage
  11. Settling Dust
  12. Blue and Yellow
  13. Duet

OUT NOW on Vibrant Music – 2×12″ Vinyl also CD & Digital –

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