Say Psych: Interview: Kill Your Boyfriend

BSM recently covered the new single from Italians Kill Your Boyfriend. Intrigued to learn more about their industrial psychedelic sound, we recently had a chat with them.


Q – Hey guys, thank you so much for taking time out to chat with me, I know you are really busy preparing for your Eastern European tour so we really appreciate it. Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourselves?

A – Kill Your Boyfriend is a two-piece band formed in 2011 by Matteo Scarpa, guitar and vocals, and Antonio Angeli on drums. Normally Matteo writes the line-guide and lyrics of the songs but everyone is involved in the process of composing, putting a part of himself in it. We, also, want to thank all the friends that enjoy us on stage or played in the albums. Our discography includes: 2 albums – S/T (Shyrec – 2013), The King is Dead (Shyrec – 2015); 2 EPs – Kill Your Boyfriend (Self prod. – 2011), Ghosts (Shyrec – 2016) and a 10″ split with New Candys (Shyrec – 2014). We have recently released a new 7 “single ‘Ulrich’, as you know, which came out on 1st December on Russian label Other Voices Records.


Q – It’s an unusual name, is their meaning behind it?

A – No there isn’t a real meaning behind it. We are just “nerds” and the name “Kill Your Boyfriend” is taken from a comic book one-shot written by Grant Morrison, imprint in June 1995 for DC Comics “Vertigo”. The funny thing is that our Italian booking agency is called Vertigo…the coincidences.


Q – How about inspirations, musically or otherwise?

A – Musically we are quite different. Tony is more son of the 90s/00s where as Matteo is of the 70s/80s so the inspirations are so many and various that it’s not so easy for us to give one or two names! But importantly, we don’t like to brand our music. Our first purpose is to translate in sound the way we live or the reality which surrounds us.


Q – Your tracks are often named, with names. Is their an origin behind that?

A – After choosing the name of the band, we thought that it would be nice to do an entire album with only male names as songs. A sort of “death list”. But after that, the idea of using male names became part of the concept of the band. Our last EP Ghosts we decided not to give the songs names but numbers, as we cannot identify the “ghosts”.


Q – How would you sum up your sound in one sentence for the uninitiated?

A – It’s like a killer that came in the night, violent and cold.


Q – So ‘Ulrich’, tell us about it, how did it come about where was it recorded etc?

A – ‘Ulrich’ came out while we were working on the last EP. Immediately we thought that it was perfect for a 7″ single, so we decided to not include it in the Ghosts EP and to wait for the right combination. It was recorded and mixed by Tommaso Mantelli and Alberto De Grandis at Groove Studio, Treviso.  The song talks about the need that each of us has in seeking his own role in modern society, who, like a lion, devours everything.


Q – And how did you come to work with Other Voices Records?

A – During our last tour in Russia we met a cool band called Supernova 1006. They introduced us to Other Voices Records and then it was easy. After the first listening, Oleg, the owner of the label, loved the single and here we are.


Q – Any tour plans?

A – The ‘Ulrich’ tour is already started and in the next days we will be in Eastern Europe, we are working also on a bigger European tour for the Springtime 2018. So we suggest you to take a look, always, on our social pages…we could come to kill in your city!


Q – What’s next for KYB and is there an overall goal?

A – At the moment, we are writing some new material. There will be some surprises but we don’t want to reveal too much.  We think that the new LP should be ready in 2018. We are not interested in money or fame although they are always welcome. Probably, our goal is to play our music everywhere. We love to travel, meet people, visit new cities and the stage is our perfect dimension.


Q – And finally, any recommendations for the BSM listeners?

A – In general, we don’t like recommendations but try these bands, if you’ve never listened to them: Father Murphy (Italy), Holiday INN (Italy), New Candys (Italy), Blue Crime (The Netherlands) and His Electro Blue Voice (Italy).

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