Gallery: Tempers / Bean Sí – The Workman’s Club Cellar, Dublin 14.05.2023

New York City duo Tempers who specialise in low-lit poetic synth-pop playing Dublin’s The Workman’s Club Cellar and low lit it was, so much so that at times the duo weren’t visible at all on stage with the duo only using strip lights to back light the stage in reds/blues and white strobing.
As they walking on stage Jasmine requested all other stage lighting be turned off (hence the B&W photos).
Opening the night were Dublin band Bean Sí ( the Irish spelling for Banshee). If you like early The Cure / Joy Division, well then check these out.

Bean Sí photos & set-list:

Stuck In The Mud
Black Crow
Chuala Sí
More Than A Muse
A Forest ( The Cure cover)
Disco Fever

Tempers photos:

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