Track: Mulini releases the bubbling R&B/electro of Keep Moving

Alternative artist and producer, Mulini’s new track ‘Keep Moving’, articulates a self-deprecating mental state that many of us have had to drag themselves through over the past 12-months. 

This record features Nuneaton-based rapper GSQ2, and is definitely not one to sleep on in this blurred space between alternative Hip Hop and grunge. The track was inspired by dark times, and represents the will overcome and move past them. More specifically, a combination of the 2020 global pandemic forcing the world to come to a standstill and the overwhelming loss of his grandfather. This left him in an emotionally dark place, even compared to just a few weeks prior. 

The record has a sombreness throughout but progressively picks up in speed, peaking at somewhat of a triumphant finish by the final chorus. His vocals have previously stood out curating a brand of dark-sky alternative R&B, with a synthy landscape, this particularly standing out on his ‘MANIAC’ track from his debut EP ‘Night Time’. Clearly, Mulini has an appreciation for his pop-sensibilities too, harbouring trap and bass-laded production in his October release of ‘Bliss’.

Feature-wise, it’s a welcome addition to the record. Echoing Mulini’s tone, GSQ2 brings an auto-tuned verse in which he tries to channel his own challenges positively. Also a big fan of manipulating vocal melodies, the instrumental works well with his style, the two elevating each other sonically. 

Although born from personal loss, the track itself has the ability to resonate with multiple circumstances. Using 2020 as a base, ‘Keep Moving’ is a record that many can draw strength from. Mulini said: “When the world felt like it stopped, I was determined to keep moving.”

The UK artist received airplay on multiple radio stations including BBC Coventry, Coventry’s alternative hip-hop trendsetter. The October 2020 release of his most recent single, “Bliss”, reached over 20,000 worldwide streams. ‘Keep Moving’ will be available to stream on February 19th.

We’re really intrigued by what’s to come from his EP, expected to drop in April. 

In the meantime, check out some more of Mulini’s music here.

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