Premiere: Melbourne artist Montana Sharp sees ‘Something Wicked’ coming this way – a thumping theatrical tour de force. Launch date also announced.

Feature Photograph: @thephotostudioaustralia

We are very pleased to premiere the new single ‘Something Wicked’ from Melbourne artist Montana Sharp: an effervescent and dynamic slice of rock replete with a theatricality and pulse quickening pace. With the thundering crack of a wave on rocks, this track surges its way to shore with a grandiose presence and an anthemic and bold attack.

Sharp says the track is a cathartic expression of her true self:

Something Wicked plays on the idea that I’m not this sweet “nice girl” as I’ve initially been perceived as. At the time, my writing was somewhat coded and contrived, as if I was afraid to expose my true thoughts and feelings even to myself. My mentor at the time (who also wrote the music to this song) said to me: “for once, I’d like you to stop writing about pretty things and show me something you’re afraid of”, and out I came with a poem inspired by Macbeth: ‘something wicked this way comes’ – a warning that Macbeth is about to become a monster. Something Wicked plays on the fear that we are innately bad in some way, and that if people get a bit too close, we will be exposed for who we truly are. I think we all share that fear to some degree.

This powerful force is expressed in the visceral attack of Sharp’s delivery with a voice of velvet with a range bigger than the Himalayas – bringing to mind a more muscular Sharon Van Etten, Evanescence or Paramore with an unique style of her own.

Out on Friday, 24 February 2023, the single can be pre-saved here and Sharp will be launching it in Melbourne tomorrow on 23 February 2023 – tickets here and details below.

Feature Photograph: @thephotostudioaustralia

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