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Nothing like a straight up cup of fully caffineated punk-rock to kick start the week. “Popular Music” by Life is a fully charged double shot of the strong stuff, that’ll get you striding wide and fast, as you strut yourself down the high street towards whatever mundane tasks lay ahead for the next few days.

Punchy, smash your teeth in riffs, and some of the hookiest lyrics around. This track is guaranteed to birth one hell of an earworm that’ll bury itself deep and play havoc with your tympanic membrane for days on end. All together now – “Totally off my face / I listen to popular music…

“Popular Music” by Hull DIY punks Life has been available as a single for a few weeks now. Described as a ‘doozy’ by Steve Lamacq, the tracks been getting some well deserved airtime. Here’s what the band had to say about the track and the self-made video…

Popular Music is a thunder-bug of visceral energy that’ll nuzzle its way under your skin. We made this cut-paste stop-motion video in our living room. Maybe it reflects the overexposure of celebrity culture and the endless stream of baffling bullshit that seeps into your bones. Maybe its just another stream of noise to stare at whilst you lay a turd.”

Life 2

Popular Music is out now – get your copy HERE

LIFE are Mez – Vox,  Loz – Bass,  Mick – Guitar,  Stew – Drums.

You can catch them live at…

Life 3

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