Live Review: The Blades – The Academy, Dublin 19,03,2022

The Mods, The Northern Soul lovers and the New Wave fans of a certain generation all converged on The Academy Dublin last night for the long await and anticipated show by the Dublin band The Blades, Trojan Records / The Blades t-shirts are to be seen dotted through out the crowd and a good number of Porkpie Hats (they were fashionable before the hipsters lol ).
It is evident that the band are happy to be back and they start into what’s going to be a lengthy set list
containing twenty two songs and most of their singles (see photo)
The set list contains not only most of the singles but an extensive back catalogue of songs and a few covers also. Nina Simone & Tom Petty being some of those covered.

The band have played a few gigs here in Dublin since their come back in 2013 and tonight Paul Cleary noted that this one is at the top of his favourites as everything just seemed to click.
The set list may have contained twenty two songs! but tonight the crowd got twenty four as Heatwave and Ghost of a Chance were played as an encore.

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