Live Gallery: The Night Packers at the Botany View Hotel, Sydney 23.12.2023

Night Packers

Tonight the Night Packers are performing at the Botany View Hotel. In the best tradition of Australian pub rock, the place is packed and sweaty as the band takes the stage. Raucous and unpretentious the Night Packers are an electrifying fusion of new wave cool, post-punk introspection, and indie rock authenticity.

Being in a pub, two days before Christmas, watching a great band play is deeply satisfying it’s the sound of sweat, beer, and passion colliding in a cacophony of electric guitars and raspy vocals.

The Night Packers are set to drop their latest EP in February 2024, which judging by tonight’s performance, will be a blast of beer-soaked, guitar-screaming, heart-thumping rock & roll.

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