Track: METZ – A Boat to Drown In

Toronto noise punk trio METZ have shared an epic new single, ‘A Boat to Drown In’, ahead of their forthcoming fourth album, ‘Atlas Vending’. At 7 minutes and 37 seconds in length, it’s the band’s longest song to date. Whilst this might seem counter-intuitive as a single release, the song also features some of METZ’s catchiest ever hooks and an outro that seared itself into this listener’s brain long after the song ended. For my money, it trumps anything on the band’s last album, ‘Strange Peace’. The song is also accompanied by possibly my favourite METZ video, which depicts a lonely woman’s fantasies of love on the run with a man-sized teddy bear. Check it out below.

Frontman Alex Edkins says the song deals with “overcoming obstacles that once held you back … and looking to a better future”, whilst video director Tony Wolski adds that the clip’s “story about loneliness … seems appropriate to tell” in our still COVID-ravaged world.

According to a statement from the band, ‘Atlas Vending’ is out via Sub Pop on October 9th and comprises ten songs about “paternity, crushing social anxiety, addiction … and the restless urge to leave everything behind”, of which ‘A Boat to Drown In’ is the finale. It boasts co-production by Uniform’s Ben Greenberg, who did a sterling job recording the last Bad Breeding album, and engineering and mixing from Seth Manchester, who has previously worked with Providence noise rock greats Daughters. Pre-order it here.

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