Track: T. G. Shand’s new single ‘The Ease’ is a glorious, woozy, shoegaze delight

‘The Ease’, the new single from T.G. Shand, is an immersive and dreamy soundscape with a shoegaze sheen and a dream pop glimmer. It is absolutely fantastic.

T.G. Shand is actually the solo work of Ōtautahi/Christchurch resident Annemarie Duff, formerly of the legendary Melbourne shoegaze band Miniatures (on the iconic Saint Marie Records label). This single is a clear sign that Duff is taking up the baton from her former band and running hard.

Duff’s voice floats above dappled, chorus-laden guitars that splash, shimmer and glow. Heavenly harmonies add layers in the distance and the structure subverts expectations with sudden changes in pace that flit like a bird in another direction. It is really the image of a languid summer sunshine brightness recorded in a song:

Exquisite. You can get ‘The Ease’ directly from the artist above or stream here.

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