Say Psych: Track Review: Veik – Political Apathy

French post-punk trio Veik have just released ‘Political Apathy’, the second single to be lifted from their forthcoming debut album, Surrounding Structures, due out 30 April on Fuzz Club Records. Centred around vintage analogue synths and abrasive instrumentation, the band’s sound is rooted in the experimentalism of Krautrock and No Wave. New single ‘Political Apathy’, out today with a video, is driven by sticky synthesiser sequences, biting post-punk guitars and a doubling-up of drum machine and live drums.

On the track, drummer and vocalist Boris Collet (drums/vocals) explains that “Political Apathy tells the story of a guy at home who observes a dissonance between his beliefs (or at least what he thinks his beliefs are) and their lack of concrete implementation and action. Implicit in the song are the Yellow Vest protests in France, which the character in question watches from his window. It’s not a protest song, it’s an introspective awakening song for indolent people.

Its a track that pays homage to the greats of its kind, with hints of Neu!, Can and more recent bands like The Vacant Lots shining through their distinctive take on things. The fact that its about serious topics that no-one wants to talk about, only adds to its appeal.

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