Track: Bec Sykes’s velvet vocals and delicate melodies burnish her new track ‘Getaway’ as she announces live dates and signing to Scenic Drive Records

There is still beauty in the new track ‘Getaway’ from Bec Sykes: a stately gently oscillating journey over dappling acoustic guitars and harmonious layers of vocals. Syke’s vocals are stunning: deeply infused with an air of melancholy as they deliver the delicate intricate melodies.

As the tone reflects, this is a deeply personal song born out of pain and searching for redemption. Sykes says::

I wrote Getaway about learning to catch myself when I’m spiralling after a break up. To stop myself when I start reminiscing about the good times and wondering why we even broke up, or imagining them being with someone else. It’s a reminder not to get caught up in rumination and to ‘change the station in my thoughts’ when I start torturing myself overthinking things.

There is a folk ambience – an undercurrent of synths deep below the surface and an enigmatic presence. You can download or stream the track below or here.

Sykes has signed to Sydney-based label, Scenic Drive label, run by ARIA award-winning producer and legend, Wayne Connolly (Paul Dempsey, Cloud Control, The Paper Kites, Died Pretty, Underground Lovers).

She will be hosting a launch party at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood, Melbourne on Thursday 2nd December and also playing at Small Time in Brunswick, Melbourne on Wednesday 15th December. The show will be live streamed via the Small Time Group Facebook page.

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